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From: Jason Vanell

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I had a look through your site and notice there are no crypto options for your business…

Cryptocurrency is now mainstream. Websites and businesses that accept crypto will have more success in the future.

I help businesses turn their website crypto-friendly, and help guide new businesses entering the crypto-sphere, including payments.

We have just several spots available for free, and I would love for you to join, for tips and guides on everything crypto-related.


Below are two picks for interesting crypto projects that we like (NFA/DYOR):

Large Cap Pick –
This is an awesome, undervalued project. Leagues above Ethereum when it comes to technical sophistication.

Small Cap Pick –
Titled “Bitcoin for the Metaverse-era”. Have you wanted to get into a project super early? This one is a small-cap project with a lot of ambition. Buy MetaBit on Pancakeswap:

Jason Vanell