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From: Barrie Ingram

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TAXI APP – Automation Now you can afford a taxi app start free right now
(you may qualify as a small user to use for free for ever)

“Let me explain.
The software I have developed has three entry panels.
The company and customer Panel where bookings can be made and the driver, where bookings are sent, manually or with AI.
All panels can be logged into via a desktop app or mobile app screen. The App is mobile compliant, that means you can look and work on it from a mobile device, anywhere with the internet.
The app will work on any device meaning Apple, Android PC, Ipad or similar device.
Anything you can browse on the internet.
If you can open email you can open this app.

“do you want to save this app on your desktop”

You don’t have to download this app, once you’ve logged with a link via a text or email you get a pop up that says “ do you want to save this app on your desktop”. That’s your app on your device.

NO SET UP FEES – JUST register here to use free of charge instantly
We need trials – please help – its a great peace of software – you just register login & use!
Or check the POBDASH channel on youtube to see videos of the app.

Or on Loom – see videos

Call me on 07908228472 (or text or whats app)
Or email on


Barrie Ingram developer and owner of POB (in the cloud) UK